ASU- KKG- Fall Recruitment 2020 Bundle (Caty)

ASU- KKG- Fall Recruitment 2020 Bundle (Caty)

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Ribbed Halter Racerback Tank in Custom Green Tie-Dye.

Bella Ribbed Tank 4000 in Custom Blue. 

Canvas Unisex S/S Tee 3001 in White. 

Canvas Unisex Tee 3650 in Black Mineral Wash. 

FOR RACE FLAG TEE, SELECT YOUR SIZE [HERE] + ADD TO CART WITH THIS BUNDLE! The race flag tee is included already in the bundle price. 

*NOTE: You will receive the same size in the Green Tie-Dye Tank & the Angel Tank.

**NO Round One Tee included. 

All items will be picked up & distributed by ASU KKG, c/o Taylor Plemons. No items will ship to individual home addresses.

Questions? Please email